There are currently a few boys available. These puppies were held back to grow out in order to determine who would be "the keeper". 

 If you are interested in getting on the wait list feel free to reach out via email or Facebook. You can also join the South Beagles Facebook group to see other South beagles with their families. Announcements of litters usually come by way of Facebook first and if you decide to get on the waitlist Rachel will reach out when it's puppy picking time. 

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Available Puppies

Swagger x Quinn
Born 5/2/22

He is crate trained and working on potty training - he is full of life and very active -would be a really fun performance boy.
He is sweet and busy like his brother Navy. He is one of my favorite pups.. just loves life and playing..


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Billy x Tori
Born 4/30/22 


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